Rhubarb & Ginger Jam


At the Hoopyard we grow our own rhubarb and with this year’s beautiful weather an abundant crop has been harvested with a delicious new preserve in mind.


The texture of Rhubarb is quite crisp, and it has a very tart flavour, after being gently boiled it is often used in desserts with the addition of sugar to enhance its accute and bittersweet flavour.


Straight after picking and washing, the leaves are stripped and the wonderful pink stems are chopped. The rhubarb is mixed with sugar, ginger and lemon then left to soak over night allowing the flavour to infuse.


Fresh ginger is the key ingredient to the warmth of this jam and to release it’s juice and flavour it is bashed with Sally’s rolling pin! It is then wrapped in muslin and added to the pot.


The pot is left on the heat for a few hours, reducing the ingredients to a thick syrup. The beauty of these Homemade products is so apparent when experiencing Sally collect and connect with what she comes to use. With such simple ingredients, this smooth process can be nothing but enjoyed.


While the jam is still warm, the jars are filled and left to set. Once cool, the jars are sealed and finished off with a label designed by Sally’s son Elliot, who along with Tillipha, Sally’s daughter and our wonderful new photographer, are both integral to the Hoopyard team and the products made by Sally Bourne Interiors.


Once the final touches are applied another lovingly made product is ready for you to enjoy.

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