Privacy Blinds





Follow these easy simple steps to make your own privacy blinds.

IMG_1931 (1)

You will need to purchase a plastic backed decorators sheet available at most good paint stores. Mine cost me £8.98

IMG_1915 (1)

You will also need pin tacks.

IMG_1928 (1)

Measure your window and mark your cut lines using a biro, use a set square or something to keep you at a right angle from the selvedge, e.g. a large book.

IMG_1923 (1)

Use an iron on its lowest setting to press out the creases in the fabric if necessary (Press fabric side up)


Pin Tack the cut pieces in place at the corners adding more in the middle sections for larger windows.

Privacy Blinds

Privacy Blinds

The beauty of this fabric is that there is no sewing, the plastic holds the open weave fabric together, without it sagging and gives quite a sophisticated look, which is soft, tactile and effective. Here, I have made four to shield an ugly view and provide privacy. So simple and so cost effective, less than £10 for 4 blinds and I have enough fabric left to make at least 4 more, so no need to wash, just replace.

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