Painted Log


Sally Bourne Interiors Log

There’s been quite a media storm over our painted logs!

Christmas Window

The logs were used as a prop for our Christmas window display and we were inundated with people wanting them so once we changed the window display we sold them all!

We had great feedback from people using them for coffee and bedside tables and were delighted that such a simple idea was so popular.

We would love to share how to create your own

Find a large log of a suitable size for a stool/side table with a good flat level. Brush off any unwanted beasties and leave it to dry out, when dry give it a sand with sand paper to get your desired finish.

Zinsser Primer

For a good key paint the top surface with a primer, sealer & stainkiller we used Zinsser bin primer. Zinsser bin primer will stop the tannin from the wood coming through and spoiling the top coat. (This product is perfect to use on any stain problems you may have at home, be it from old water marks to marker pens bleeding through your paint)

Painted logs1

And then choose your colour for the top coat (two top coats would be preferable), emulsion is fine and a great way to use up unwanted tester pots.  For a more durable finish use an eggshell and for outdoor use an exterior paint such as Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell. Leave to dry and you have finished the hard work and are free to sit back and enjoy.



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